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Unlike many candle manufacturers, instead of paraffin, which is a by-product of gasoline, we use completely herbal Soyawax and beeswax from sustainable sources in our products. In this way, our candles are purified from harmful toxins and carcinogenic substances. No hardener or additives are used in the products.


Our products are blended with natural essences and are 100% natural. As it is known, herbal candles are preferred for healing as well as decorative purposes. We believe that every scent has a memory. For example, we think that the scent of vanilla represents the first moments of life, namely the newborn process. While blending our products with essences, we prioritized that each product represents a story and enriched our collection accordingly. We know the effect of smells on psychology and energy. We hope these unique products will encourage use for Therapy.


You can safely use our products in aromatherapy and skin care.



100% Natural Product

All of our products are handmade with natural soyawax and natural essences. The products are prepared with great care by our experienced production team. 

Creative Designs

Our designs are designed periodically by our R&D team. In addition, special products and special essences are developed in line with the demands of our customers. 

Fast shipping

Retail orders are prepared and shipped within 1 business day.  Delivery takes place within 1-3 business days. Wholesale orders are prepared within 2 weeks.


"You can view our catalog on PC and Phone."​

Please review our catalog. For information about special design, corporate orders or wholesale product purchases, you can contact us via the wholesale order form below or via our e-mail address.


We will evaluate and get back to you in a short time and we will inform you about our working conditions.

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Please fill out the form for your custom designs, wholesale orders and cooperation. You will receive a response within a short time.

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Topcular Mah. Aydinlar San. Sit. No:11/60 Eyupsultan, Istanbul 

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